EasyPQQ saves us many man hours through the ease with which content is shared, added, found and, if necessary, duplicated

It's helped us to cut down the time it takes by well over half to complete PQQs and tender submissions

We have been using EasyPQQ for several years now and we are able to produce impressive documents at the touch of a button. The search facility enables us to use our bank of past responses to maximum effect.

National Engineering Practice

EasyPQQ saves us several hours each bid.

Without EasyPQQ I can imagine spending at least twice as long creating and formatting templates. When I’m out of the office I can access EasyPQQ online so I could be working on a submission on a train and even if I lose connection I know it is backed up.

It probably saves half of the time normally spent completing these forms.

It saves us time in some areas such as formatting documents and searching for answers, however can cause problems if the internet is down and we have had to travel to different locations to work on the site.

It depends on the submission. At least 80% time savings on a PQQ or RFI document with the new auto answer function.

It is a significant amount of time saved through process efficiency. It's time that you realise you wouldn’t have, if you had to go back to the old way of doing things. You can focus more on the strategy and pricing, rather than the formatting and printing of the submission. I would not say it is a question of time, it’s a question of quality. EasyPQQ helps manage the process, draw upon past successes, improve/identify weaknesses and therefore will continue to save any company time and money. More importantly it will increase your chances of winning work, by increasing the quality of your overall bid.


EasyPQQ is time saving, the search facility is very quick and easy to use to find a response to the question.

We are able to produce impressive documents at the touch of a button

Our bid process is certainly much quicker using EasyPQQ with a much enhanced quality document.

I would say it saves a great deal of time I cannot specify how long because each PQQ is different.

I reckon this system saves me between 60 and 80% of time, depending on how many of the more specialised answers are required for the document.

EasyPQQ saves time but most importantly the documents look professional as though I have spent much more time putting them together.

I think EasyPQQ can save me a half of the time previously taken in collating and producing a submission. Much of the time saving is in the final production of a document at the critical moment to meet a deadline.

Building surveying practice

At least a day per bid, but this is a little difficult to quantify because our bids have got better and more comprehensive since we have been using this software!
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