I have confidence in the professional presentation of my company to clients during the bid process, from RFI right up to post-tender meetings.

I use EasyPQQ on a daily basis and the benefits it brings to my role are mainly time saving. The creation of bid documentation is a time confusing part of our day in business development and with offices in four other regions of the country it helps me support the team in creating a standard of submission which is consistent and professional across the company. We use EasyPQQ for a host of functions and over the years the system has grown with the business, further enhancing our ability to promote continuous improvement.

I use EasyPQQ on a daily basis and the benefits it brings to my role are mainly time saving.

The ability to tap into information in a centralised way to save time answering questions previously answered in other PQQ or ITTs, or modifying answers to similar questions. Also like the CV facility on there to develop new CVs for promoted staff or new members of staff which is an important area in a lot of submissions.

Easy storage and access of PQQ information and documentation resulting in considerable time and cost savings.

It is easier to complete a prequal as the information needed is all in one place.

EasyPQQ has enabled us to produce uniform documents across the companies where required. It has aided in the searching for similar answers to questions we have answered previously. It has made creating documents easier i.e. the attaching of documents.

EasyPQQ has improved the overall bid functionality of our organisation. It allows the bid team to effectively manage the bid process, spend more time on the key elements of a bid, rather than the non value adding elements which the customer expects as a minimum i.e. layout and structure. The management of collateral to support a bid is now simplistic and pain free, and it is easy to integrate evidence into the bid documentation, at a touch of a button. Having the ability to link key people and business processes, to the actual physical evidence of us demonstrating our success is a powerful tool for any bid a service orientated business may put forward.

Allows for very accurate management of document content that results in a comprehensive, professional final document. Also greatly improves efficiently in collating information which allows for more time to concentrate on quality control when numerous tight deadlines are rapidly approaching.

Refurbishment Projects Specialist

Part of my job is to complete PQQs for potential clients, having EasyPQQ set up makes my life simple and easy as a majority of the questions are very similar.

EasyPQQ allows me to plan, monitor and present our tenders and PQQs in a professional manner.

The features within the programme give you the comfort of knowing your timeframes, latest status and allow editing, performance and reference to previous similar answers. I can dip in and out of EasyPQQ to track where each project is at regardless of who is dealing with it. It lets me manage!

Europeís largest kitchen manufacturer

I am responsible for coordinating our PQQ and Tender submissions and I have found that the introduction of EasyPQQ has significantly improved and streamlined our bid process. The knowledge that our documents can be set up quickly and accurately means that we can dedicate more time to developing and improving the content of our responses. I particularly like to ability to search through past submissions as this means that this information is always to hand and is not lost in a completed internal filing system.

It makes my job so much easier when coming to completing PQQs. All generic questions stored in the EasyPQQ systems helps a great deal and the end result is presented well.

It allows me to spend time with my team and concentrate on more creative elements of bid submissions and increases my departmentís productivity and success rate. It is easy to access from anywhere at any time and keeps me up to date with the teams progress and deadlines through automatic updates.

Makes it much easier to stored standard information for the business to use and find answers. Search facility also makes it much easier for people to find things. So much easier than our old folder structures where you really needed to know which folder the information might be stored in to be able to find things quicker, so saves me heaps of time. If I find incorrect information I can ensure that it is updated and taken out of future searches to makes it much easier for me to manage the bid information as a whole whether itís considered standard information or more specialised written answers.

Putting together submissions is much easier with EasyPQQ, I particularly find the Question Look Up facility very useful with the answers to the questions at the touch of a button. It is the first place I look to answer questions and I may choose an answer that someone else has put into the system, it keeps everything in one place.

We originally approached Propeller for help with improving the look and layout of our bids, and EasyPQQ has certainly been a huge help to me in the final stages of producing each document; but it is also a great central database for all our membership and compliance certifications, policies, insurances and accounts. I receive reminders if certifications are due to expire, and colleagues can access them directly.

EasyPQQ has made the process of producing prequalification and tender documents much easier for me. I have used EasyPQQ for two years now and now find it essential to my role in preparing submissions. It allows me to organise all the necessary appendices in plenty of time and produce a good looking submission every time. It makes the final task of collating a submission both for hard copy and electronic quick and easy, which counts for a lot when deadlines are to be met. I have also found it a useful tool for producing various presentation documents.

It allows me to organise all the necessary appendices in plenty of time and produce a good looking submission every time.

Main Contractor

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