It means a standardised presentation style is used; it provides us with a library of previously used and agreed answers to call on; it allows us to design and build documents and to get them professionally printed when the occasion demands.

EasyPQQ helps the bid team create documentation at a standard consistency which is mirrored from one region to the other. We are able to share responses and documentation instantly with minimal time or effort. The system helps to allocate owners and allows reviews to access bids for anywhere at any time.

We have been delighted with the system since signing-up. The on-boarding and account management have been superb and the benefits of the system to the bid team and the wider business have been proved already. EasyPQQ is a simple to use system which we have been able to tailor to our individual needs. The system has delivered real value to the bid team already and it has proved invaluable when finding content from previous documents.

Saves time tapping into the information we need so answers can be modified to suit. We also look at the relative success of previous answers from successful PQQs and ITTs.

It has improved our success rate on pre-qualification questionnaires. It has provided a library of information which is accessible from different locations. It has made the sharing information easier. Has enabled any of the team to work on each otherís documents, when time is against us!

Having a single, central information source allows for a consistent approach to completing submissions across the entire company with users being able to share content that benefits other users beyond their own teams and regions with ease.

A faster turnaround of completing prequals and tender quality questions.

Big benefits are:
  • The ability to work remotely via the web, and from home if needed
  • The ability to review documentation in different formats
  • The fact that a standard format can be achieved, therefore delivering a consistent professional looking bid
  • It takes you through a standard Ďstory boardí process to create a bid helping to assign elements to team members who then become familiar with the process
  • The creation of the final document takes minutes, removing the classic mad panic to bind and edit formats

International Engineer, Architect
and Employers Agent

We use EasyPQQ for tender submissions as well as PQQs. Itís simple enough to access and allocate sections for responses to different people on the team.

The benefits for the team is mainly the shared knowledge aspect. Each document is cross checked by another team member for content and accuracy with the benefit of not having to be at the same location.

The ability to manage the entire bid process online enables information to be shared easily between our offices and between teams.

The system is very user friendly and we are able to manage and produce multiple bid documents to short deadlines. The ability to rate past answers according to submission feedback also helps us to learn from our documents and to further improve our submissions in the future. The documents we are now able to produce are enabling us to notably improve our submission success rates.

National Engineering Practice

The ability to rate past answers according to submission feedback also helps us

We have won more PQQs since having this system because of how well the system keeps all the information needed all together and the end result is brilliant.

The company is not using the system as widely as they should/could be, but I know that those that have started dabbling can certainly see the benefits of the system and acknowledge that it is a good system. Even those that arenít using the system as much as they could all use the search facility to enable them to find responses quicker

EasyPQQ gives me the tools to bring together a well presented professional submission to our clients. We have found the system extremely user friendly with continual improvements being undertaken all the time.

EasyPQQ allows the bid team to collaborate on prequal and tender questions easily and produce professional looking submissions every time. It is a useful resource for storing and retrieving previous answers, CVs and Project Sheets. Any system that smoothes the task of prequalifying and tendering is of benefit to the company as a whole.

We are a small company with limited resources for presentation design. EasyPQQ gives us an efficient way to produce a smart, standard layout for PQQ and tender documents. Several people can work on a bid at once and monitor our progress using the dashboard. These days, most bids are submitted by email or uploaded onto a portal, so EasyPQQís facility to gather together all the constituent parts generate a PDF of the finished document at a click, is tremendously helpful. We also make extensive use of the search function to access previous answers.

EasyPQQ provides the team with a simple to use tool and standardises all of our responses to meet our brand guidelines. It enables me to log on at any point and review a bid's progress. The tool is also beneficial as a document management system and makes it easy to find past and high rated responses quickly. To sum up, it saves time, increases quality and standardisation, reduces errors and promotes high scoring responses.

Utility Provider

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