Don't just take our word for it. Here is some of the feedback from the range of clients we have worked with across a variety of industry sectors.

I have confidence in the professional presentation of my company to clients during the bid process, from RFI right up to post tender meetings. 

Asbestech - Business Development Manager

I use EasyPQQ on a daily basis, the benefits it brings to my role are mainly time saving. The creation on bid documentation is a time confusing part of our day in business development and with offices in four other regions of the country it helps me support the team in creating a standard of submission which is consistant and professional across the company. 

Barhale - Bid Writer

A faster turnaround of completing prequals and tender quality questions.

Farrans - Manager

It has improved our success rate on pre-qualification questionnaires. It has provided a library of information which is accessible from different locations. It has made the sharing information easier. Has enabled any of the team to work on each others documents, when time is against us!

GF Tomlinson - Bid Manager

EasyPQQ provides the team with a simple to use tool which standardises all of our responses to meet our brand guidelines. It is simple to use and enables me to log on at any point and review bids WIP. 

Npower - Bid Manager

We have won more PQQs since having this system because of how well the system keeps all the information needed all together and the end result is brilliant.

Parker Bromley - Manager

We are a small company with limited resources for presentation design. Easy PQQ gives us an efficient way to produce a smart, standard layout for PQQ and tender documents.  Several people can work on a bid at once and monitor our progress using the dashboard. 

Walker Management - Director

It is hard to put a figure on the time you save, but it is significant amount, saved through process efficiency.  It is the time that you realise you wouldn’t have, if you had to go back the old way of doing things.

Harsco - Business Development Manager

We have been using EasyPQQ for several years now and it has helped us to cut down the time it takes to complete PQQ and tender submissions.  We are able to produce impressive documents at the touch of a button and the search facility enables us to use our bank of past responses to maximum effect.

MLM - Business Development Manager

EasyPQQ is timesaving, the search facility is very quick and easy to use to find a response to the question.

Kirkman & Jourdain - Bid Writer

EasyPQQ saves time but most importantly the documents look professional as though I have spent much more time putting them together.

SDC - Bid Writer

I think EasyPQQ can save me a third of the time previously taken in collating and producing a submission.  Much of the time saving is in the final production of a document at the critical moment to meet a deadline.

Stepnell - Bid Manager

Support as and when needed. In addition, the design work undertaken by Sarah and Cara on resident guides, A3 presentations, etc is excellent. Top quality and often at short notice.

Chigwell - Business Development Manager

Support is excellent, with user-led development meetings focusing on what the end users feel could benefit and improve the platform.

Concrete Repairs - Manager

Halves my time asking individuals and looking for things

Cofely - Bid Writer

We use EasyPQQ for a host of functions and over the years the system has grown with the business enhancing our ability to promote continuous improvement.

Barhale - Bid Writer

The tool is also beneficial as a document management system and makes it easy to find past and high rated responses quickly.  To sum up, it saves time, increases quality and standardisation, reduces errors and promotes high scoring responses.

Npower - Bid Manager

These days, most bids are submitted by email or uploaded onto a portal, so EasyPQQ's facility to gather together all the constituent parts generate a PDF of the finished document at a click, is tremendously helpful.  We also make extensive use of the search function to access previous answers.

Walker Management - Director

You can now focus more on the strategy and pricing, rather than the formatting and printing of the submission. I would not say it is a question of time, it's a question of quality.

Harsco - Business Development Manager

All bids go to the wire! This system helps manage the process, draw upon past successes, improve/identify weaknesses and therefore will continue to save any company time and money. More importantly it will increase your chances of winning work, by increasing the quality of your overall bid. 

Harsco - Business Development Manager