Import Excel files into EasyPQQ
17th August 2016 -

EasyPQQ makes collaborative working on questionnaires supplied in Excel format simple.You can now create new documents in the system from Excel files, even if they contain multiple sheets.Simply upload your spreadsheet, highlight the questions and import the document.If your Excel file has multiple sheets, each sheet is treated as a separate section within the document…

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Dan Santy of Pick Everard talks about how EasyPQQ has changed the way they work
5th August 2016 -

Pick Everard initially approached us as they found that they wasted a lot of time looking for answers to bid questions that they knew that they had answered before, but didn’t know where exactly. They wanted to stop having to endlessly trawl through bids trying to find the previous answer. Watch Dan Santy, bid manager…

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EasyPQQ helps with your business continuity planning
18th July 2016 -

What would happen if your bid team walked out today? Have you ever worked at a place where the default answer to any question is “Ask Geoff, he’s been here for ever, he’ll know”? Geoff is a great guy; he saves you so much time hunting through files and folders looking for a particular piec…

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Dodd Group discuss the benefits of using EasyPQQ
8th July 2016 -

Dodd Group initially approached us as they were struggling to keep track of when they had answered a question previously. They knew the information was somewhere. They knew that someone knew about it. But it was taking them a very long time to find that information. Watch Luke Hunter, their head of bid management, talk…

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EsyPQQ does so much more than just answer pre-qualification questionnaires
29th June 2016 -

When EasyPQQ was first developed, it was created to help make the process of completing the document you were working on more efficient by allowing you to easily manage the project and find / retrieve regularly requested information. EasyPQQ has evolved a lot since the early days and while the tendering process has also changed,…

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Remove the frustration from the tender process
23rd May 2016 -

There is a lot more to producing a winning tender than just crafting the perfect written response to the questions. We understand how the process around managing a tender, as well as answering all of the administrative questions can take up vast amounts of your time. It can shift your focus away from writing compelling…

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29th April 2016 -

Today signals the culmination of a 6 month project for our EasyPQQ developers as over the weekend we will be launching the single biggest update to the solution. The highlight is the introducution of some great new project management tools. The changes made cover: New dashboard view Navigation changes Project management and communication tools Increased…

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30th March 2016 -

At EasyPQQ we run a continual customer feedback programme as its a great way to find out what were getting right, and where we need to improve. You can see the results of these surveys here. As part of our survey we ask our clients to tell us what they like most about the application…

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12th February 2016 -

Last week a number of our EasyPQQ clients joined us at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, for our first user group meeting of the year. It was fantastic to see that so many people felt it was beneficial to take time out of their busy schedules to come and see what we have been u…

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26th January 2016 -

Were often asked if there is a particular sector we work with, or that EasyPQQ is suitable for. The simple answer is, no, everyone can benefit from using it. While EasyPQQ has been adopted more heavily in some sectors than in others, it is now helping companies bid and tender for work in 65 different…

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