12th February 2016

Go BIG for the little things

Last week a number of our EasyPQQ clients joined us at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, for our first user group meeting of the year.

It was fantastic to see that so many people felt it was beneficial to take time out of their busy schedules to come and see what we have been up to, to give us their feedback, and help steer the direction of development of the system.

The user group is a great way for us to find out what our clients like about the system, and what they don't. It enables us to share our vision of the future and to find out if what we are thinking about is what our clients want.

Thanks to our customer survey programme we already had a good understanding of our clients’ needs, but following feedback from the event we have reordered our development plan for this year.

Small changes, big difference

What makes these events so good though, is the ability for ideas to develop. We already know about the big development ideas, the game changers and the seismic shifts. We hear about these when we talk to individuals.

In a group however, we hear the other things. One throwaway comment can start a whole new conversation with the room agreeing that they too would like this feature added, but no one thought it was important enough to mention.

It's always nice to come away from events like this with a few new ideas to implement; but we have come away with loads.

They are not big changes that would make the system unrecognisable, but tiny improvements. On their own they make the everyday use of the system slightly better, but most users wouldn’t even notice the change.

Combined though, these ideas can make a big difference to our clients' use of the system on a day-to-day basis.

It’s great when we can go back to our clients and let them know that their suggestions have been programmed into EasyPQQ, and we have implemented some of the ideas from last week already. Others have been added to our development plan.

Our next user group meeting is in April and we’re already looking forward to seeing more of our clients and uncovering another set of great ideas!

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